soft_tissue-massageSynergie is a non-invasive, non-surgical vacuum massage technique that provides proven results. This treatment technology has been used in Europe for over ten years. Clients experience reduction in hard to reduce areas that “never” respond to traditional treatments. Even liposuction is not the final answer. Sometimes the surgical procedure leaves dimples and rivulets in the skin – SYNERGIE relieves this problem. In fact, some surgeons offer the SYNERGIE prior to surgical intervention.

Synergie is smoothing and relaxing. Both men and women benefit from this technology. “Love handles” and “saddlebags” can be a thing of the past. Listen to what our clients have to say!

  • “My butt is a smooth as a baby’s butt.”
  • “I don’t bruise as much as before.”
  • “The view from the rear is cellulite free.”
  • “My hips are smaller and my pants fit better.”
  • “I feel lighter and more relaxed.”
  • “I feel smooth. It is like having a massage.”
  • “I have never lost so many inches so easily and right where I need to.”
Individual Maintenance Treatment $80
8 Session Series $600
16 Session Series $1,110
16 Session Series with 8 Lymphatic Treatments $1,300