Lash Lift or Lash Perm & Extensions

Lash Lift FAQs:
How long will my Lash Lift last?
On average it will last 4-6 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle.
Will it harm my lashes? Or how will it affect my natural lashes?
The active ingredient in Lash Lift is a perm solution. When performed by a trained stylist and when aftercare instructions are properly followed, your natural lash will not be damaged. Additionally, we treat your lashes with a deep conditioning Keratin treatment which will strengthen your lashes, adding nutrients and deep conditioning.
Can I still wear makeup?
Yes, 24 hours after the treatment. However, you must wear oil free mascara. We highly recommend our Amazing  mascara.
Will I still need to use an eyelash curler?
No, that is one of the benefits of a Lash Lift! The natural lash will stay curled throughout the rest of its cycle. Just be sure the lashes stay dry the first 24 hours.
What’s the difference between a Lash Lift and lash extensions?
A lift gives a semi-permanent curl to the existing natural lashes while extensions are applied 1:1 on top of each natural lash. Lifting the lashes will enhance your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions give a more dramatic result, but require additional maintenance.

Lash Lift or Lash Perm $50.00