Deep Tissue Massage in Denver, CO

Are you dealing with muscle soreness? You don’t have to let it keep you from participating in your favorite activities throughout your day.

Rather than live with muscle tension and stress, you can enjoy deep tissue massage in Arvada, CO via the specialists at Changes of Cherry Creek.

About Deep Tissue Massage in Arvada, CO

When our clients approach us with muscle soreness and tension, we recommend deep tissue massages. This therapy isolates and treats the abused muscles through prolonged pressure. While it can manage existing pain, it can also neutralizes stress before a problem even develops.

Through deep tissue massage, our therapists will increase the flexibility and elasticity of your muscles and tendons. In this way, they will create a looser muscular environment that is less prone to injury.

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We’ve spent the last 30 years helping our clients find overall wellness. We’ve changed and adapted with the times. Now, we are proud to provide innovative services when our patients need a life change.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with our therapists, simply give us a call. You can reach our office at (303) 412-0515 or via email at

Here is an outline of what to expect from our pricing structure:

Deep Tissue Massages

30 Minutes: $45

1 Hour: $70

90 Minutes: $100

The sooner you schedule your appointment, the sooner you can experience pain relief.