Restorative Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Arvada, CO

Has a recent surgical procedure left you with aching and swollen limbs? Does your head throb from unrelenting sinus pressure? Relieve your pain and swelling with a lymphatic drainage massage in Arvada, CO.

At Changes of Cherry Creek, we provide specialized care and treatment options for those suffering the effects of lymphedema. We have a team of licensed and professional massage therapists trained to cater to the comfort and well-being of all our clients.

In order to become qualified to perform lymphatic drainages massages, our therapists undergo extensive training beyond what is offered by traditional massage therapy schools. For this reason, we’re able to provide some of the highest quality revitalizing and holistic services in the Denver Metro area.

About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The goal of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) treatments is to improve the efficiency of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massages are non-stimulating and painless. Our therapists are trained to deliver massages with a soft and gentle touch.

Typically, a therapist will begin the massage by working unaffected parts of your body first. When your body loosens, the therapist will lightly compress the swollen areas to open up the lymph vessels. The therapist then pushes fluid away from the site, reducing soreness and swelling.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Precautions

While lymphatic drainage massages and MLD treatments are typically quite restorative, they are not recommended if you have any of the following:

  • Extreme inflammation or infection in the swollen area
  • Excessive swelling due to recent surgery
  • Blood clots
  • Heart complications
  • Active cancer
  • General detox
  • Arthritis

Always speak with your doctor or lymphedema specialist before receiving any type of MLD therapy.

Schedule Your Massage

At Changes of Cherry Creek, we’re devoted to your health. Let us alleviate any discomforts and restore your vitality.

If you think a manual lymphatic drainage treatment is right for you, call (303) 412-0515 to schedule a massage with one of our experienced therapists. The cost of service begins at $85.

For a soothing lymphatic drainage massage in Arvada, CO, call Changes of Cherry Creek in Colorado Skin Care today.