Photo Facial Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment is a new, non-ablative technique employing light energy to treat skin problems including fine lines, wrinkles, blotchy-red complexion, broken blood vessels, freckles, age or sun spots, acne scars, enlarged pores and other blemishes that are not effectively addressed with microdermabrasion or chemical peels. photo_facial-2Photo Facials also get high praise as an anti-aging program because of the dramatic improvements that can be achieved with little or no “downtime” and with very minimal discomfort. IPL Photo Facials can reduce the signs of aging from the face, neck, chest, and hands resulting in the appearance of healthier more vibrant skin.

How does an IPL/PHOTO FACIAL work? High intensity pulses of broadband light are delivered by the IPL handpiece as shown above. Unlike a focused, single beam of light delivered by a laser, IPL delivers a full spectrum of filtered light designed to achieve textural changes as a NO-RECOVERY procedure. The intense light is delivered to the deeper parts of the skin (dermis) and does not damage the surface of the skin (epidermis). Levels of energy specific to your treatment are used to maximize your improvement. During your treatment precise dosages of light energy are delivered to your skin. Once delivered, the light energy is absorbed by the targeted damaged tissue, abnormally enlarged blood vessels or pigmentation. As they travel through the skin’s surface, the heat of the light pulses weakens the enlarged vessels or lesions and triggers a normal healing process. Temporary crusty lesions may sometimes form and will darken before being absorbed by the body or flaking off. This process causes no damage to the skin.

What are IPL’s advantages? Treats vascular redness, pigmented brown spots, sun damage, and collagen rejuvenation all at once. IPL does not damage the skin surface, allowing no or low recovery time. You can return to work the same day Treatments take approximately 30-45 minutes. There is minimal pain with IPL, unlike laser or radiofrequency which both require topical anesthetic.

What are IPL’s disadvantages? Since there is little damage to the skin surface, several treatments may be required to see the desired effect. For best results, approximately 3-6 treatments, spaced 3 weeks apart, are needed. Temporary reactions can include transient redness and increased or decreased pigment in the treated area. Minimizing sun exposure can reduce these side effects.

How much does IPL cost?
Prices vary according to the IPL treatment size

Full face and neck:  $350
Full face and neck Pkg. of 3:  $900 ($300ea)
Time: 30-45min.

Chest:  $550
Chest Pkg. of 3:  $1485 ($495ea)
Time: 30-45min.

Hands (both):  $225
Hands Pkg. of 3:  $585 ($195ea)
Time: 15-30min.

Forearms:  $550
Forearms Pkg. of 3:  $1485 ($495ea)
Time: 30-45min.