Skin Tightening Treatment

The Skin Tightening treatment employs a warm Infrared Light allowing for deep penetration into the dermis, heating the collagen molecules. As a response, the molecules contract inducing collagen remodeling. This is not a Photo Facial Resurfacing treatment but a deeper heating of the collagen causing enough destruction to stimulate neo-collagenisis, the production of new collagen. A gentle lifting takes place, wrinkles fade, skin appears firmer, smoother and younger looking, fooling everyone you know about how old you really are! The skin begins to tighten the very first treatment and continues to tighten for months afterward. There is no downtime. The only people who are down are your friends when they see how much younger you look than they do. The treatment is especially beneficial for the jowl, eyebrows and lid areas.

Suggested beginning program is 2x weekly for 3-4 weeks, depending on laxity of tissue and your personal vanity level (see vanity chart below). For maintenance and continued progression, a once a month touch-up treatment is recommended. Treatment time is 30 minutes. In just 30 minutes you can fool everyone you know!
1 for    $375
3 for   $995    ($130 savings)
6 for $1800    ($450 savings
8 for S2240    ($760 savings)