Beauty – A Force For Good

Beauty is often defined as a subjective quality of things which makes these things pleasant to see. These things may include sunsets, landscapes, beautiful humans and exquisite works of art. Beauty, along with art and aesthetics, is perhaps the most important topic of aesthetics, probably one of the most important branches of psychology. We all have an idea of beauty which can be individualized and perhaps varies from one person to another. The term beauty has various other meanings as well, including beauty in society, beauty standards, and the beauty of the artistic creation.

The word ‘beauty’ comes from the Greek word ‘gift’, which means ‘skill and intelligence’. It is therefore a subjective and emotional concept and is not solely limited to a single definition. We all have an aesthetic sense, and aesthetics is the evaluation of beauty, including art and the physical senses. Our visual sense can be very strong, but we generally only see beauty when it appears in our world.

Beauty however, includes many different things and it is not necessarily the same for everyone. Most people would agree however, on the following definitions: beauty is that which inspires us, persuades us, and makes us feel or appear beautiful. Beauty encompasses a wide array of attributes that we find attractive, inviting, and agreeable. Beauty also involves different aspects of physical nature, including the strength and volume of a visual effect, color, lines, and the ability to affect us emotionally. Some might say that beauty encompasses the whole of the physical world, while others would say that beauty only effects the outer appearance, while others would define beauty as the emotional state that one experiences when they look at certain things.

Beauty also refers to the quality of what we are and the choices we make. In essence beauty is the result of human effort and personal aesthetics. The beauty of a work of art can greatly influence the emotional response it evokes. For some, seeing the beauty of a work of art can cause tears to break out, while others would react more to its evocation of pain. Beauty is also the result of our personal beliefs about beauty.

People have used different theories and systems to describe beauty. According to some, beauty is something that has no physical aspect, but is a psychological quality that can be found in all kinds of objects and things. According to this school of thought, beauty is something that is found in the mind of a person and is determined by how that person perceives the beauty around them. Others believe that beauty exists independently of physical aspects and is independent of knowledge, but are based on the personal experiences of different people.

It is in these conflicting theories that the true beauty lies, and beauty is found not in the tangible beauty of things, but in the ability of each of us to see beauty in all of the different dimensions of life that surround us. Each of us have an inherent ability to create beauty in our own lives, in the beauty that lies within ourselves. When we use our eyes to look at the beauty surrounding us, and harness that beauty to enrich our lives, then we are using our power to create beauty.

Some of the most beautiful things that we have ever been given in art, literature, music, sculpture, and other forms of creative art were created by ordinary people, who knew and cared about beauty. Some of these ordinary people were famous for their beauty, like Picasso, or for their status, like Marlene Dietrich. Others were not so famous, but they also understood the power that beauty had to give to their lives. They used that beauty to help them achieve great things in their lives. Sometimes they even used their beauty to save themselves from a life of misery, like the young AIDS sufferer, Kuba Shaw.

Whether you believe that beauty is a subjective quality, or an objective aspect of human life, the power of beauty is certainly present. It is up to each of us to harness that beauty, to make the most of our natural beauty, in order to live the best lives that we possibly can. The more beautiful we are, the more capable we are of influencing the world around us, and making a difference. And isn’t that what beauty is all about?